Traditional Food In Bali

Although tourism is Bali’s breadbasket these days, the island is still very rural and agricultural. Farming employs the largest amount of people in the whole province and rice is the staple crop. The Balinese have devised a way to do this which allows them to create terraces where they can grow the rice, while also allowing the paddies to flood. It is a spectacle that you will not see anywhereIGP5741 else in the world, you can just walk through the terraces and admire the odd beauty of the structures.

On your travels, you will encounter many locals and they are very friendly and will often stop you to have a chat. These are local eateries that serve up Balinese food at very cheap prices. They are quite rustic, but the food is normally delicious. Be careful though as the food itself can be very spicy. If you have a weak constitution, make sure you tell the staff to make the food a bit milder for you. Those chilies have a kick and a half to them.

There are also plenty of places where you can take a cooking class, you can click here for more information. These courses are very cheap and they can last from a day to a week in length. They are run by locals so you really do get taught the real skills of the Balinese kitchen. Of course, to get the best ingredients for your cooking, you need to visit a Balinese food market. These places are teeming with people and fresh produce. None of your supermarket preservatives here, this is just fresh food straight out of the ground and onto a stall. You cannot get much fresher than that. And of course, when you buy local, you are also supporting the local community that do not often feel the economic benefit of the tourism industry.